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Play OS by Google — An OS better than Android, by Google — Google Concepts

The Play OS focused on the 'mobility' of the tablet. They require delicate tools for a computer-like performance, but they are often used at moving, so they have to be intuitive like a mobile OS. To do this, we designed an OS exclusively for tablets that are easy to use on the go and offer a variety of systems by applying the interface efficiently, such as window functions that Chrome OS has based on the UI that Android had basically.

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Concept by Clark Gu

The home screen of the Play OS is configured the same as Android for the tablet to be turned on and ready for use. The home screen that's like a huge canvas, makes it easy to turn on the apps and use them or float a wide variety of screens in the tablet.


And can use large tablet-optimized applications like traditional Android tablets. The navigation bar also displays a dock while you are using the app, so you can turn it on or switch the app quickly.

Play OS``

If you need to do a lot of work at the same time, you can float a window like Chrome OS. You can play games while you search walkthrough on the Internet, or you can take files from your drive and make presentations, and do more work that you couldn't do on your existing Android tablet. Alternatively, Split view allows you to use two apps simultaneously on a larger screen. Unlike window mode, you can use large screens like the original app and interact with them at the same time, without having to press the windows alternatively. One of the biggest distinctions of the Play OS is the navigation bar. Combined with the status bar, not only saved the tablet area but also enabled us to easily check notifications and quickly switch apps with Dock.


The notification centre inherited Android's experience. Large buttons make it easy to control the instrument and quickly check device status and notifications, by dividing the control tool and the notification box into blocks for easy visual identification.


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