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iPhone 12 Pro/ Pro Max Concept 2020 Already Rendered by Ben Geskin: Better Notch!

iPhone 12 Concept for 2020 iPhone is here! #iphone2020 #iphone12

iPhone 12 - Renders/Concept!

The iPhone 11 has just been launched and there’s already talk about the iPhone 12. Ben Geskin is obviously on the case a visionary as always and he rendered the iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max below. Let’s check it out.

iPhone 12 Design Concept

So first of all, the iPhone 11 is a fresh new approach, with the triple camera and all and I doubt that the cameras will change next year. Sadly, Ben sees the notch as staying for one more year, even though more than a few people have demanded its demise. At least they could make it narrower, I think… Also, judging by this render, either the notch is smaller or the device is wider.

The designer also mentioned a few features, specs, whatever you want to call them. Those include an all new format, with a 5.4 inch screen for the smaller unit and 6.7 inch for the big one, as well as a Time of Flight camera upgrade. The screen finally moves to a high refresh rate, 120 Hz and the panel stays an OLED. Than there’s the 5 nm Apple A14 processor, reverse wireless charging and an in display fingerprint scanner.

Couple that with 5G and USB-C and Apple may just be on the right path. However, all of those could have been done in 2019…

[via Ben Geskin]

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