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iOS 14 icon Pack | DesignKit


iOS 14 came into existence in mid-2020 in the tough conditions of pandemic around the world. It introduced many new features redesigning widgets, maps, app library, and many more packages. One of the best features introduced in iOS 14 was to set custom icons for applications. Icon customization allows the user to choose an icon for the apps on their device accordingly and make them feel closer to the machine. They bring a certain taste to the experience being delivered to the user and allows them to express themselves.

iOS DesignKit by JaroFrey delivers a completely unique and amazing range of customizable icons and backgrounds that change the overall aesthetics of your device.

To unlock into an adventure of your own, download DesignKit by JaroFrey HERE.


In an ecosystem lacking in well-finished icon packs, the different icon packs available are shown below:

1. DayTwilightNight -

This pack contains customized icons and backgrounds inspired by the changing of light throughout the day. Starting from dusk till dawn and the dark that follows, you can choose what to set and what not.

2. HillStreamSea -

If you like to go through a mesmerizing and adventurous experience through the mountains and water that flows, this is the pack to select. what to set and whatnot.

3. WoodHunterPrey -

Wildlife i.e., Flora and fauna are the main attractions for this pack. It contains an aesthetically pleasing and caring wildlife experience.

Download DesignKit by JaroFrey HERE.

Not just icons, it also features good-looking backgrounds to partner with the schematic icons to build a complete package and allows you to live an experience of your choice.

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