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Find My Device (iPhone) - iOS 14 Concept - Apple - Techblood

We all know how "Find my iPhone" App helps us in the situation when our iPhone goes missing. But with iOS 13 we are introducing a more advanced and secure "Find my iPhone" App.

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iOS 13 - Find my device

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iOS 13 - Find my iPhone

DESIGNED FOR iPhone 6 to 11 Pro.

iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max: The direct successors to the XS and XS Max, the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, will keep largely the same design, with a 5.8-inch OLED display on the smaller model and a 6.5-inch panel on the larger one.

The biggest change is the camera: Apple is putting a new triple-camera system in a massive square module. Details are still slim as to what Apple will use the third lens for — currently, Apple offers both wide-angle and telephoto lenses on the XS line — but presumably, it’ll be the big push for why customers should upgrade. The new cameras are also said to be higher resolution and offer better low light performance and video recording.

Apple is also expected to upgrade Face ID, allowing it to work at multiple angles (including lying flat on a desk); add better waterproofing and shatter-resistance to the new phones so that they’re harder to break; and add a new matte finish to the hardware. Also new is a reverse wireless charging feature, similar to Samsung, that will let you juice up a pair of AirPods on the go using your iPhone.

There’s also the expected upgrade to Apple’s next-gen A13 processor, which will presumably make the new models faster than the old ones. And like the iPhone XR last year, Apple is said to be closing the door entirely on its haptic 3D Touch experiment. It won’t be in the new models.

iPhone 11: Also possibly called the 11R (rumors are back and forth), the XR upgrade is a little more lackluster than the flagship line. It’ll have the same middle-of-the-road 6.1-inch LCD size and overall design as last year’s model with a few changes.

The big update here is a better camera. In this case, it’s going from the single-lens system on the XR to a dual camera (also, sadly, in a giant square module) that adds optical zoom capabilities. Also expected are some new colors (including a green option) and the same faster A13 processor as its pricier siblings.

Bigger battery

In 2018, Apple’s iPhone XS Max delivered excellent battery life, but we are in 2019. And, flagship devices from Huawei and Samsung have set the bar in terms of battery life. The battery on Apple’s upcoming iPhones is going to have to get bigger.

New display across the board

The iPhones’ Retina LCD panels have always offered the best-in-class viewing experience. But the days of LCDs have long past, AMOLED screens are the future, a future that Apple itself has embraced. However, this time, Apple needs to go all out with OLED and ditch the LCD screen.

iPhones have always delivered on 'camera performance'. In good lighting conditions, Apple phones have provided the best results in good lighting. In low light, Apple has consistently disappointed. Every phone from Samsung and Google to Vivo and OnePlus have their own dedicated night mode, which uses software trickery to get excellent results in low light. It is about time we say a dedicated night mode on the next iPhone.

Less notch

Although the iPhone X models look and feel pretty premium, apart from the XR, there’s still the question about “notch city”. In our book, if your notch isn’t hiding two front cameras, it need not be that wide and broad.

No extra charging

iPhone 8 onwards, all Apple iPhones have featured fast charging support. However, Apple needs to include a fast-charging brick with the required cable in the box. Considering the iPhones’ premium price, charging consumers extra for fast-charging support which is already existent needs to stop.

Apple iPhone 11 Launch Event Invitation!

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