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AirPods 2 Pro - Apple AirPod Pro 2nd Gen. Concept - Techblood

#Airpods2Pro AirPods Pro are already great with their Noice Cancellation feature but we just took that great design Even Further.

Introducing Airpods 2 Pro - Apple - Techblood + AppleLeaker2019



Features -

1. Music Controls -

The Airpods 2 Pro's Case features a Apple Designed Display which holds features that no one ever imagined. Now you can SKIP/PAUSE/PLAY a song from the case itself.

2. Battery Indicator -

Airpod's Battery now shows on the case itself. Watch the below video to understand -

3. Siri Integration -

Reaching Siri is now even more easier! - Just hold in the center of Airpod's Case to Activate Siri.

4. Pick up Calls -

Airpods 2 Pro's case be used to pick or end a Phone Call.

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